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At one time, New York Criminal Procedure Law did not distinguish the difference between Police Officer and Peace Officer status. In 1976, as a result of the confusion as to the authority vested in each, the Law Revision Commission was established. The purpose of this Commission was to examine and determine what authority each specialized title required to have in order to fulfill their particular duties.

The Commission further defined their powers and required that each group receive certain training. The ultimate result was the passage of the 1980 Unified Peace Officer Bill, outlined under Sections 2.10 (Persons designated as peace officers), 2.20 (Power of peace officers), and 2.30 (Training requirements for peace officers) of the Criminal Procedure Law. The passage of this bill made a distinct separation of powers and training for peace officers.

The Peace Officer Training Academy was founded in 2000 by Chief Dennis R. Brennan, a seasoned police instructor and combat veteran who began his law enforcement career in 1984. Chief Brennan has assembled the finest New York State Certified Police Instructors as staff. All instructors assigned to the Academy have graduated from New York State Instructor Development Schools, and are certified by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services Municipal Police Training Council.

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