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Armored Car Guard

An armored car guard is an individual employed by a licensed armored car carrier to: 1) provide secured transportation; 2) protect and safeguard valuable cargo from one place to another; or 3) provide cash services for automated teller machines, all by means of bullet-resistant armored vehicles. Additionally, an armored car guard possesses or has access to a firearm. Excluded from registration are those armored car employees who may drive or accompany the armored car vehicle, but who do not carry or are not authorized to access a firearm. It is the responsibility of licensees to understand the Armored Car Carriers and Armored Car Guards License Law.

Armored car guards are licensed by the New York Department of State. For licensing requirements, click here.

Armored car guards are required to complete training programs recognized by the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS).

Those courses are:

  • 47-hour Firearms Training Course
  • 8-hour Annual Firearms Training for armored car guards

Additional courses are available upon request, such as shotgun and rifle (AR-15, M-4).

For more information, please contact Chief Dennis Brennan, Training Director, at (716) 545-6269, or by email at