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Our local contact is Captain Gajewski. Our training facility is located at 5200 South Park Avenue, Hamburg, New York 14075, e-mail: Training . Buffalo @ PeaceOfficerAcademy . com

Please note our new mailing address: PO Box 211, Buffalo, NY 14225-0211.

The Peace Officer Training Academy is proud to announce that we have expanded across New York State, with offices and training facilities in Buffalo, Elmira, and New York City.

    • Peace Officers:
      • Basic Peace Officer Course
      • Basic Peace Officer Course/with Firearms
      • Aerosol Subject Restraint (Initial and Annual Training)
      • Police Baton and Expandable Baton (Initial and Annual Training)
      • Defensive Tactics (Basic and Advanced)
      • HR-218 (Retirees Firearms Training)
      • Weapons of Mass Destruction (Homeland Security)
    • Police Officers:
      • Active Shooter Training
      • Riot Control
      • Basic and Advanced Patrol Rifle
      • Vehicle Dismounts and Advanced Combat Pistol
      • HR-218 (Retirees Firearms Training)
      • Weapons of Mass Destruction (Homeland Security)
    • Security Guard Training:
      • 8-hour Pre-Assignment Course
      • 16-hour On-the-Job Training Course
      • 47-hour Firearms Training Course
      • Handcuffing
      • Expandable Baton
      • Defensive Tactics
      • Aerosol Subject Restraint (Pepper Spray)
      • Annual Firearms Training for armed guards
      • Annual Training for unarmed guards
    • Military:
      • All Courses offered are extended to military personnel, including specialized training that fits your training needs. The Academy is proud to have trained hundreds of military personnel being deployed overseas.
    • Civilian Training:
      • 99-hour basic course for persons interest in a law enforcement career (without firearms)
      • 136-hour basic course for persons interest in a law enforcement career (with firearms)
      • 4-hour safety course for pistol permit requirements
      • Weapons of Mass Destruction (Homeland Security)

All curriculums and standards of training are set forth by the New York Division of Criminal Justice Services.

In partnership with Hilbert College, all courses offered at the Peace Officer Training Academy will earn college credits toward a degree. If you attend Hilbert College, the credits you have earned are at no additional tuition cost.

For more information on training opportunities in the Buffalo area, please contact:
  • Assistant Training Director:
  •  Captain Robert B. Gajewski (716) 870-2333
  • Training Director:
  •  Chief Dennis R. Brennan (716) 998-1428