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What is a Peace Officer?

A peace officer is an individual given the authority to keep the peace. Basically, a peace officer is law enforcement officer that has a "Specialized Duty" such as a Constable, Animal Control Officer, Parole Officer, or Court Officer. There are over 80 categories of peace officers as stated in Criminal Procedure Law 2.10.

How do I become a Peace Officer?

Contact your local Police, County Civil Service or Municipality for positions which require peace officer status.

Does the Peace Officer Training Academy hire people to become officers?

No, we are not an employer. The Peace Officer Training Academy provides training for persons that are currently police officers, peace officers, security officers, military, and civilians. Many students attend our training to further their education and make them better-qualified candidates with prospective employers.

What are the requirements for Peace Officer training?

Criminal Procedure Law 2.30 sets forth the training requirements for all classes of Peace Officers. Recent changes in the law addressed the disparity that previously existed between training for peace officer and police officers, and recognized the importance of all officers having a greater need for basic training.

Can anyone attend the Academy and take the Basic Course for Peace Officers?

No. You MUST be a peace officer before the start of the Basic Course for Peace Officers to be issued certification by DCJS for completion of the course.

Does a Peace Officer have powers to arrest?

Yes, all peace officers have police powers of arrest according to Criminal Procedure Law 2.20.

Can Peace Officers carry firearms?

Yes, but not all are required or authorized to carry a firearm or be trained with a firearm. Certain classes of peace officer require a New York State pistol permit. Some peace officers are required to attend firearms training by law, such as Animal Control Officers and Constables. Some peace officers are not required to attend training or carry a firearm, such as Auxiliary Police Officers.

Any other questions, please contact the NYS Division of Criminal Justices Services.