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Course Title : 47-Hour Firearms Training Course for Armed Security Guards

Periodically, we review each curriculum to verify that it is current, and offering the best possible instruction for the given topic. Currently, this curriculum is undergoing a review, and will be available in the near future.


This course is recommended for all classes of security guard officers, as defined in General Business Law (GBS), Article 7-A, Section 89-F, Subsection 6.


All persons are eligible to attend this course.

Course Curriculum:

This course exceeds the minimum standards required by the State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services, Municipal Police Training Council.

  1. Penal Law Article 35 - Use of Physical Force and Deadly Physical Force
  2. Range Training - Mandatory Objectives
    1. List and define the four basic rules of safety
    2. Demonstrate the method of holding a handgun with finger off the trigger and outside the trigger guard
    3. Demonstrate the method of handing handguns to other persons
    4. Describe the reason that hearing protection must be used during firearms training
    5. Describe the reason wrap-around eye protection must be used during firearms training
    6. List and describe at least two of the four ways that lead poisoning can occur in the human body
    7. Describe the lead safety precautions that shooters should observe
    8. Describe one method of home storage of duty handgun
    9. List and describe the visible parts of the duty handgun carried by trainee.
    10. Demonstrate administrative loading and unloading the duty handgun carried by trainee.
    11. Demonstrate combat reloading the duty handgun without looking at the handgun.
    12. List and describe the four components of a metallic cartridge.
    13. List the five fundamentals of marksmanship.
    14. Demonstrate one standing shooting position.
    15. Demonstrate one kneeling shooting position.
    16. Demonstrate one prone shooting position
    17. Demonstrate and define the difference between supported and unsupported barricade shooting.
    18. Demonstrate one method of correction of semiautomatic pistol stoppages.
    19. Demonstrate one method of correction of semiautomatic pistol stoppages with one hand.
    20. Demonstrate shooting a target with one hand using the strong hand
    21. Demonstrate shooting a target with one hand using the weak hand.
    22. Demonstrate shooting multiple targets.
    23. Demonstrate shooting a target during low-light and nighttime conditions.
    24. Demonstrate the ability to shoot or no shoot decisions.
    25. Using a standing position seven yards from an 8 x 11 target demonstrate the steps of drawing a handgun from a snapped holster with one hand and striking the target with one round without looking at the holster within 2.5 seconds.
    26. Demonstrate returning a drawn handgun to a holster and snapping the holster.
    27. Demonstrate one method of handgun retention.
    28. Define the term "Cover" when used in officer survival.
    29. Define the term "concealment" when used in officer survival.
    30. Demonstrate cleaning and inspecting a duty handgun.
    31. Describe the effects of cleaning materials on cartridge primers.
    32. Identify the use of verbal commands, when appropriate, to order and/or warn person(s) that deadly physical force may be used against them.
    33. Recognize those factors to be considered appropriate to draw a weapon.
    34. Recognize circumstances to be considered when discharging a firearm at a person.
    35. Demonstrate proper procedures for approaching and controlling a potential assailant in close quarters (3-10 feet)


  • Classroom (except firearms training):

  • Classroom for Firearms training and Range:
    • Duty Belt and Keepers
    • Security Holster
    • 3 Magazines or 2 Speedloaders
    • Ammunition pouch(es)
    • Handcuffs and case
    • Ammunition (minimum 900 rounds)
    • Eye protection
    • Ear protection
    • Class C uniform or appropriate civilian clothing
    • Rain gear
    • Dummy rounds - orange or red plastic (minimum 18)
    • Flashlight - push button type preferred
    • Body Armor (optional)

More Information:

For more information, please contact Chief Dennis Brennan, Training Director, at (716) 545-6269, or by email at

Tuition Cost:

The tuition cost is $470.00, payable in full on or before the first class session.

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