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Course Title: 8 Hour Annual Firearms Training Course for Armed Security Guards

Periodically, we review each curriculum to verify that it is current, and offering the best possible instruction for the given topic. Currently, this curriculum is undergoing a review, and will be available in the near future.


This course is recommended for all classes of security guard officers, as defined in General Business Law (GBS), Article 7-A, Section 89-F, Subsection 6.


All persons that currently hold an active NY armed security guard card are eligible to attend this course.

Course Curriculum:

This course exceeds the minimum standards required by the State of New York Division of Criminal Justice Services, Municipal Police Training Council.


Upon completion of the curriculum review, the list of required equipment will be updated.

More Information:

For more information, please contact Chief Dennis Brennan, Training Director, at (716) 545-6269, or by email at

Tuition Cost:

The tuition cost is $80.00, payable in full on or before the first class session.

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